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Jewelry Specific Questions 

Buying a perfect jewelry requires knowledge about Diamonds, Gemstone, Precious Metals and Settings & Finishing. Keep below points in mind while selecting jewelry for yourself or for your loved ones:

  • Whenever you buy jewelry for your loved ones, always keep their personality and preferences in mind.
  • When you decide to buy diamond or gemstone jewelry then you should always evaluate stones on 4Cs criteria.
  • You should ensure that stones of your jewelry are properly polished and with perfect symmetry.
  • You must ensure that there are no visible blemishes or imperfections on the diamonds, gemstones and on the metal.
  • You should also check to make certain that fasteners, clasps and catches work properly and are secure.
  • Beware of jewelry store lighting which usually consists of quartz or halogen bulbs.
  • When buying gold jewelry, it is advisable to go for either 14 karat or 18 karat gold jewelry. You should never buy 24 karat gold jewelry because it is too soft, less durable and more expensive. You should also avoid buying less than 10 karat gold jewelry, as it appears dull.

Jewelry requires proper care and treatment for its longevity so that it can even be handed down as heirlooms to future generations without losing their shine and sparkle. Regular cleaning of Jewelry is essential to maintain shine and brilliance of jewelry’s gemstones and metal. On wearing jewelry, it gets dirty as you use various skin and body care solutions such as soaps, lotions and even it becomes oily from your skin’s natural oils. Even when you are not wearing them, they collect dust. You can clean your jewelry at home by your own by using soft brush, water and soap or by using readymade jewelry cleaners. You can also take services of a professional jeweler to keep jewelry clean. Jewelry should be stored individually in a soft cloth pouch or plastic zip-lock bags to ensure that a piece of jewelry or gemstone should not scratch other jewelry or gemstones. You should not wear jewelry while doing heavy work, housework or gardening as it can be scratched. You should avoid the situation where your jewelry comes in contact with chlorine bleach, hair spray or other chemicals because they can severely discolor and damage your jewelry as well as their settings.

A Gemstone is a mineral or rock, which can be used in jewelry after cutting or faceting and polishing. Gemstones are diverse in their beauty and many gems are available in a stunning variety of colors. After a skilled cutting and polishing of a gem, full color and luster can be seen.

When purchasing jewelry from a local jeweler, you can be sure that you are getting the true value for your money. Local jewelers provide you more personalized services because they intend to build a legacy of integrity & trust with their customers. Since local jewelers intend to build personal relations with their customers, they care enough to deal in only certified & best quality diamonds & jewelry. A local jeweler can better understand your taste & style and keeps it in mind when he goes on buying trips. Also, you can expect an honest professional advice and satisfactory attention combined with before and after sale services only from a local jeweler.

A birthstone is nothing but a gemstone only, which is associated with the date of one’s birth and the wearing of such birthstone is considered to bring good luck and health. Certain gemstones are believed to have Supernatural powers and their relationship with planets.
Birthstones, on the basis of calendar months, are described as under:

  • January’s Birthstone – Garnet
  • February’s Birthstone – Amethyst
  • March’s Birthstone – Aquamarine
  • April’s Birthstone – Diamond
  • May’s Birthstone – Emerald
  • June’s Birthstone – Pearl / Alexandrite / Moonstone
  • July’s Birthstone – Ruby
  • August’s Birthstone – Peridot / Sardonyx
  • September’s Birthstone – Sapphire
  • October’s Birthstone – Opal / Pink Tourmaline
  • November’s Birthstone – Citrine / Yellow Topaz
  • December’s Birthstone – Turquoise / Tanzanite / Zircon / Blue Topaz
  • Gold 
    Gold is an extraordinary and rare precious metal, with an unmatched combination of chemical and physical properties. Gold is the most non-reactive of all metals and it does not oxidize under ordinary conditions. No other metal is as malleable as gold. Pure gold is very soft and pliable, and alloys of different other metals are combined with pure gold to enhance its durability and strength, as well as creating a blush in the gold’s appearance with different color tones. 24 karat is 100 % pure gold, and it is more expensive and less durable than gold that is alloyed with other metals.
  • Platinum 
    Platinum, an extremely rare and expensive metal, is a silvery gray precious metal often used for setting or mounting high quality diamonds and gemstones. Platinum is a strong, durable and dense metal which is valued for its white color and purity.
  • Silver 
    Pure silver is very soft metal with its lustrous white color. Silver is used as jewelry metal well before the development of white gold alloys, and before platinum could be isolated. It is normally stable in pure air and water but tarnishes when exposed to ozone, hydrogen sulfide or sulfur.

Gemstones are classified into two categories, Precious and Semi-Precious, on the basis of their characteristics.

  • Precious Stones 
    Gemstones which are highly valuable for their hardness and rarity, are known as Precious Stones. Precious Stones are generally expensive in comparison of Semi-Precious Stones.Precious stones include Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires.
  • Semi-Precious Stones 
    Gemstones those are valued for their beauty and not covered under any one of the four ‘Precious Stones’, are known as Semi-Precious Stones. Semi-Precious Stones are available in all price ranges from low priced to high priced. Semi-Precious stones are Alexandrite, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Garnet, Iolite, Onyx, Opal, Pearl, Peridot, Tanzanite, Topaz, Tourmaline etc.